Meet our team of highly professional and dedicated specialists.

  • Pauline Tserniak

    Light Within Owner - Medicinal Leech Therapist

    Pauline has over 30 years of experience in remedial massage, traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, kinesiology, leech therapy (hirudotherapy), human nutrition, mindfulness techniques, and many other areas of holistic medicine. Pauline was born and raised in former USSR where, being a daughter of a medical practitioner, she developed her early passion for using methods of complementary and alternative medicine in order to cure a range of medical conditions. She was fortunate enough to acquire knowledge from local heelers throughout Siberia and later Ukraine, including application of medicinal leeches to treat a range of diseases and inflictions.

    Since migrating to Melbourne in early eighties, Pauline had actively pursued excellence in various areas of alternative medicine, remedial massage, and children development through extensive practice, continuous learning of new techniques, and attendance of seminars and conferences. Here is a brief list of areas in which Pauline achieved various levels of qualifications:
    - Certified Medicinal Leech Therapist
    - Traditional Chinese Medicine Consultant
    - Remedial Massage Therapist
    - Specialist in Kinesiology
    - Certified Movement Educator
    - Natural Fertility Management Consultant
    - Manaka Acupuncture Protocol Consultant
    - Specialist in Addictionology and Compulsive Disorders
    - "LEAP" Practitioner
    - "Brain Gym" Practitioner
    - "Edu-K" Practitioner
    This list goes on and on.
    Pauline's treatment philosophy is based on holistic approach, understanding that body, mind, and spirit represent one unified system. You cannot treat individual symptoms without treating this whole system.

  • Lana Perepletchikov

    Medicinal Leech Therapist

    Lana has 20 years of experience in general beauty therapy, cosmetic and corrective tattoos (permanent make-up), human nutrition, and more recently medicinal leech therapy (Hirudo therapy).
    She is also widely recognised as one of the best nail art technicians operating in South-East area of Melbourne. In addition, Lana was one of the pioneers of a cosmetic tattoo initiative in Australia.
    After completing her Diploma of Beauty Therapy at the Victoria University in 1999, Lana has been committed to self-learning and improvement, regularly attending local training courses and seminars. Here is a list of her major qualifications and accreditations:
    - Certified Medicinal Leech Therapist
    - Certified Beauty Therapist
    - Permanent make-up (cosmetic tattoo) Specialist
    - Human Nutrition Consultant
    - Remedial Massage Therapist
    - "Touch for Health" Practitioner


Light Within is a long-established and well-known Health Centre located in GlenHuntly area of Melbourne. We provide a vast range of treatments for the benefits of your body and mind. This includes medicinal leech therapy (hirudotherapy), remedial massage, acupuncture, naturopathy, kinesiology, children development, family counselling, among many others. Additionally, the centre offers a number of highly specialised beauty services, including permanent cosmetic tattoo, facial treatments, and more. We also have a well-equipped gymnasium where we conduct private and group fitness sessions. To put it simply, we are a one-stop destination for your health, fitness, and beauty needs.